Muscles and Joints Suppleness, Muscle Recovery


For maximum freedom of movement.

250ml bottle for dog’s

Feeding Guideline (best used in evening feed)

Small breed 5ml daily

Medium breed 10ml daily

Large breed 15ml daily


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For maximum freedom of movement.—

Muscle and Joints contains a powerful combination of herbs specially developed to support and protect muscles and joints on a daily basis.

Used Herbs are recognized by the official KOMMISSION E (scientific advisory board); to promote the elimination of waste products through the urinary tract and kidneys. Regards disorders in the body and the muscular-skeletal area`s due to` build-up` of waste products.

High levels of waste products are making the body and their fluid`s acid. Low PH.
Sugars, starch or any type of sugar, in the feed or demanding exercise, stress from all kinds can lead to a build up from toxins / waste products, which make the body acid. Also Under laying ailment in kidneys – respiratory system can disable the body to its full capacity to discharge waste products.


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