Muscle Plus

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The functioning of the muscles is strongly dependent on the degree of acidification of the body, which is, in turn, affected by various factors, such as:
– Overall condition
– Food
– Stress factors
– Training
– The presence of viruses, bacteria and fungi
– The capacity of the body to cleanse itself

When the body is unable to cleanse itself sufficiently, a possible consequence is that waste will remain in the body, appearing in the blood, tissue and other bodily fluids. As waste products accumulate in the body, over the long-term, this will prompt a change of cell structure which can result in the weakening of organs.
Muscle Plus therefore aims to promote the mobilisation of waste and assist with their removal from the body.

Clean muscles results in;
– Flexibility of the muscles
– Improved condition
– Improved muscle power and strength
– Faster muscle recovery
– Improved muscular endurance during training
– Optimal growth of muscles

Muscle Plus not only supports the effective functioning of the muscles, however, it also supports the health, condition, trainability and peace of mind of the horse. Generally, the lower the amount of waste and the greater the capacity to clean, the more effectively the horse will be able to function at their optimal.

A supplementary feed from herbs, the herbs are historically known for their properties in a specific product composition and expressed mutual cooperation to:
– Maintain healthy uric acid levels
– Promote the detoxification of the body
– Support blood purification
– Help with the relief of inflammations
– Assist with the removal of waste

Daily amount:
– Pregnant mares; no more than 15ml per day
– First 10 days 50ml per day, followed by 25ml per day for the remainder of the bottle.
– Ponies; half the daily amount

A supplementary feed comprising a combination of herbs in a water-alcohol-based solution.
GMP + and FSA Assured
Registration number; EN 213 883
Laboratory tested and free of FEI Banned Substances.
Moisture content 99.6%
Crude oil and greases <0.1%
Crude protein: 0.19%
Crude fibre <0.1%
Raw ash content; 0.2%
Na content: 60mg / kg