Fertility Plus

The functioning of the reproductive system is dependent on, among other things:
– Overall condition
– Hormone Balance
– Nutrition and age of the horse
– Anatomical conditions of the reproductive organs
– Performance of the Immune System

The reproductive phases:
– Ovulation
– Conception
– Implantation
– Maintaining the embryo
– Childbirth
– Recovery after childbirth
– Suckling/nursing the foal
– Condition of the mare for next oestrus and gestation
With the use of use of Fertility Plus, the above phases are all optimised.

Reproductive factors:
– Sex
– Semen quality: density, cell structure, sperm life, adjustability.
With the use of Fertility Plus, the collection and cooling/freezing of semen will be easier, whereby increasing the chance of fertilisation.
A supplementary feed from herbs, the herbs are historically known for their properties in a specific product composition and expressed mutual cooperation to:
– Improve overall health
– Promote hormone secretion
– Improve hormone balance
– Promote the effective functioning of the oestrous or heat cycle
– Support the immune system
– Purify and help relief inflammations
The product has contributed to effective and normal functioning of the hormones and reproductive organs amongst many horses, including both mares and stallions, and older horses.
Moreover, Fertility Plus also promotes normal progesterone levels, and optimal delivery. A normal delivery will help to reduce the burden and stress on the mare and foal; giving them a good start and giving you a good feeling! A breeding season with less stress!
Additionally, by improving the relevant above factors, substantial costs could be saved.

Daily amount:
– Where significant improvement is needed: 2x50ml daily
– During breeding season: 50ml daily
– Ponies; half the daily amount
– In preparation for breeding season (December): 15-25ml daily
– When the embryo has a heart rate (recorded): 15-25ml everyday
– Mares with fertility problems: double the amount

A supplementary feed comprising a combination of herbs in a water-alcohol-based solution.
GMP + and FSA Assured
Registration number; EN 213 883
Laboratory tested and free of FEI Banned Substances.
Moisture content 99.45%
Crude oils and fats 0.1%
Crude protein: 0.3%
Crude fibre 0.1%
Raw ash content; 0.1%
Na content: 60mg / kg
Lysine <0.1%
Methionine <0.1%
Calcium: 0.5%
Phosphorus: 0.03g / kg
Magnesium: 28g / kg