Power Plus

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A horse’s performance (no matter which sport or sector) depends on a number of factors, such as:
– Overall condition
– Optimal blood levels
– Effective and normal function of the organs
– Absorption of nutrients
– A healthy mental balance

Performance is thus strongly influenced by the effective functioning of the organs (such as, the liver and the kidneys) and organ systems (for instance, the cardiovascular system and the digestive system).
Power Plus is designed to optimise the functioning of the digestive system, focusing on the normal function of phases such as absorption, digestion and peristalsis. Additionally, it helps against stress sensitivity. The horse will maintain a better natural mental and physical balance, enabling the horse to better cope with various stress conditions, varying from a mental to physical nature; and as a result, Power Plus will helps the horse to perform to its maximum.

Furthermore, Power Plus helps the horse to recovery quickly after heavy work or training; positively influencing a number of functions, for example:
– The detoxification of the body by waste discharge
– Purification of the blood
– Protection against free radicals (due to the antioxidants present in Power Plus)
-The creation and maintenance of a sense of well-being and high stress tolerance
A supplementary feed from herbs, the herbs are historically known for their properties in a specific product composition and expressed mutual cooperation to:
– Improve health
– Improve digestion
– Potentially assist with the relief of inflammations
– Promote efficient utilisation of energy
– Lastly, as an overall health tonic
Power Plus gives the horse a TURBO feeling, TURBO power and a TURBO appearance! Power Plus supports the maintenance of good health, it is fast acting and is applicable in heavy training, multi-day competitions, endurance and shows.

Daily amount
– First 10 days 50ml per day, followed by 25ml per day for the remainder of the bottle.
– Ponies: half the daily amount
– If given for maintenance, then the daily amount depends on the horse and work schedule.

A supplementary feed comprising a combination of herbs in a water-alcohol-based solution.
GMP + and FSA Assured
Registration number; EN 213 883
Laboratory tested and free of FEI Banned Substances
Moisture content 99.45%
Crude oils and fats 0.1%
Crude protein: 0.3%
Crude fibre 0.1%
Raw ash content; 0.1%
Na content: 60mg / kg
Lysine <0.1%
Methionine <0.1%
Calcium: 0.5%
Phosphorus: 0.03g / kg
Magnesium: 28g / kg